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Dog Kennels  

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Lifetime Deluxe Dog House - Large (60328)

The Lifetime Deluxe Large Dog House will surely home your dogs for years and it is covered with a 5-Year Limited Warranty! Outdoor elements such as the rain and wind won't be able to disturb their peaceful living area too with the help of the weighted vinyl flap on the main door. For more information, please call us at 888-757-4337! FREE Shipping!

$599.00 $749.95
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EZ-Fit 4x7 Wood Dog Kennel (ez_kennel47)

Our Dog Kennel can keep your dog safe and protected without having them on leash all the time. It will be comfortable for them and will provide them lots of space so they can play and run easily. For more details, please see below or contact us at 888-606-5487! *Ships in 1-2 weeks. On Sale Until September 17th! Only While Supplies Last!

$2,592.00 $3,599.95
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EZ-Fit 5x8 Wood Dog Kennel (ez_kennel58)

Worry about what your dog will do if you are at work? Our EZ-Fit Dog Kennel will help you with your worries. Worry-free now, since kennels are created so your dogs have a place on his own and provide him the safety and comfort that he needs. Please see more details below or contact us at 888-7657-4337! *Ships in 1-2 weeks. On Sale Until September 17th!...

$3,039.00 $4,199.95
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EZ-Fit 6x10 Wood Dog Kennel (ez_kennel610)

Placing your dog in a safe place where you cannot supervise him is very helpful so you can ensure that he cannot cause any damage to himself or your property. Our EZ-Fit Dog Kennels are the right ones for you. They come in 3 sizes. Please see below for more details or call us at 888-757-4337! FREE Shipping!Please allow 1-2 weeks to ship.

$3,989.95 $4,899.95
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