DIY sheds, garages and carports save you money, add value to your home and gives you the sense of fulfillment knowing you did it all yourself!
Keep a close watch on the extra storage space in your homes or gardens and turn them into something useful! Add a Lifetime shed and wash away your worries about where would you be putting your extra equipment. Four (4) Lifetime sheds are on sale until March 31st! Grab yours now while still in stock!
Our convertible picnic table and garden bench set is the perfect companion to any outdoor event and potting benches for your garden will be a big hit in your home's green landscape! FREE Shipping in all orders so buy yours now while supplies last! is proud to bring you quality products at the most affordable price! Now, we're happy to let you know that the Lifetime Deck Boxes that will assist you in organizing your clutter are now on sale! FREE Shipping on all orders!
Clear out your garage and use it for its intended purpose, hide unsightly equipment, keep track of where things are, and keep your home cleaner with 3 Lifetime Storage Sheds that you will truly love the most! On sale until February 29th!
Enjoy harnessing your inner nature spirits through gardening and unleash the beauty of your garden using our Indoor and Outdoor Plant Stands! The price starts at $76.95!
Make your life comfortable and enjoy some quality alone time using Leisure Season's Lounge Chairs ! Grab the opportunity to check and visit for more details! You can choose from different models for as low as $185.95 with FREE Shipping and NO Tax (in most states)!
Lifetime has been notable for its shed standards with their competitive prices and those are some reasons why they are our best selling sheds! To all our new and loyal customers, we are happy to present you 6 Lifetime Sheds that can let you save $620 - $1020 in your checkout until January 31st!
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