The Arrow Woodridge Shed Series Is Now Back!

The Arrow Woodridge Shed Series Is Now Back!

With COVID-19 present, a lot of businesses including shed manufacturers had been affected by lack of materials yet faced with overflowing demand from the public. To meet these said demands, different suppliers and manufacturers had worked hard to finish their pending backlogs despite the issues they need to tackle in their respective warehouses. is proud to bring one of the best-selling Metal Shed Kits back in stock, the Arrow Woodridge Steel Storage Shed Kits!

Every home has different storage space needs and capacity that's why Arrow made it to the point to produce various sizes for this shed model. The smallest shed model is 6x5 followed by an 8x6, 10x6, 10x8, and a 10x12. The Woodridge Shed line features Electro Galvanized Steel treated with zinc for strong corrosion and rust resistance. It gives the homeowners the benefits of a metal shed with an outstanding look of that of wood (horizontal siding in woodgrain with coffee trim) making it one of the ultimate hybrid sheds in the business. The attractive wood grain exterior that's bound to match any outdoor space is unlike other woodgrain finishes!

The Arrow Woodridge Shed Series is also engineered of UV-resistant steel panels that protect it against rot, insects, and extreme weather conditions enabling it to last for a longer period of time compared to other sheds. It is also made to keep different stored items dry during heavy rainfalls as long as it is placed on a level flat surface to avoid any seepage from the ground. The owner should also guarantee that it is assembled correctly to avoid water from coming in from the roof. (Found some Damaged or Missing Parts? Call our Customer Service Hotline at 888-757-4337 within 30-Days of your order date to avail of FREE Replacements! NEVER assemble the shed with missing or damaged pieces! Full Inventory is advised BEFORE building.)

Another prominent feature of the Arrow Woodridge Shed Series is its Low gable steel roof design. This will enable the water and snow to easily slide down from the shed making it an ideal storage solution for areas with heavy snowfall. It also has Pad-lockable Sliding Doors that allow the homeowner to easily access the shed and it will provide security to prevent theft and burglary. In cases that the owner will have to move the location of the shed, it can be torn down and be rebuilt again but with the need additional parts such as plugs, pins, and washers which can be obtained from the manufacturer by calling the number on the Owner's manual. These Do-It-Yourself Sheds Kits are consisting of pre-cut and pre-drilled parts for easy and smooth assembly along with its 12-year limited warranty!

A certified eye-catcher and is promised to give every homeowner the much-needed storage space is what the Arrow Woodridge Shed Series offers! For more details, questions and orders please call at 888-757-4337 from 8 am-1 pm CDT. Enjoy the Lowest Prices with FREE Shipping on all orders! Have a wonderful day and Happy Shopping!


Arrow 6x5 Woodridge Metal Storage Shed Kit (WR65)


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