Your personal assembly takes less time because of the SNAPTiTE assembly technology, which is unique to Absco Sheds. Covered by a lifetime warranty against corrosion and rust. From its manufacturing facility in Brisbane, Australia, Absco sells a wide selection of outdoor storage items in Australia as well as internationally to the Pacific and Europe. Over the course of more than 55 years, Absco Industries has built a solid reputation that is now recognized throughout Australia and is quickly expanding to overseas markets. You can get your own Absco Sheds at the Lowest Prices. You can get your own Absco Sheds with the Lowest Prices + FREE Shipping right here at ShedsDirect Store

  • AG-CO


    Constructed of durable polyethylene, AG-CO Cupolas add a unique finishing touch to any storage shed, barn, garage or any other outdoor building. Design the perfect style to match your building; AG-CO Cupolas come in 13 different base colors, 13 different top colors and 15 weathervane choices to reflect your own personal style! FREE Fast Shipping!

  • Arrow Sheds

    Arrow Sheds

    For more than 60 years Arrow Storage Products has been manufacturing reliable and affordable steel storage sheds for our customers. Arrow is a leading American steel storage shed manufacturer in the United States. Arrow is dedicated to growing American manufacturing jobs and delivering high quality steel buildings for customers all over the world. Our Arrow sheds ship factory direct with FREE Fast Shipping!

  • Best Barns

    Best Barns

    Best Barns has been manufacturing quality storage shed kits, barns, cabins and garages for over 30 years. Throughout these years Best Barns has grown to be a leading manufacturer of pre-cut wood building kits designed specifically for the do-it-yourself home owner. Our Best Barns sheds all ship factory direct with FREE Fast Shipping! Please note: our assembly manuals are for reference only and customers should wait to use the manual that arrives with their kit in case any changes have been made.

  • Biohort


    Biohort garden shed made of high quality materials purchased from West-European supplier to manufacturing process. Proven their value for 40 years of service. Taht is why their confidently offer you a 20 year guarantee against corrosion on all their products. You can get your own Biohort Sheds with the Lowest Prices + FREE Shipping right here at ShedsDirect!

  • DuraMax


    DuraMax is a division of U.S. Polymers Inc. located in southern California. DuraMax brand offers both maintenance free vinyl and steel storage shed options. They produce building products that are made in the USA with the highest quality standards. All DuraMax sheds are eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. We ship all our DuraMax buildings factory direct with FREE Fast Shipping!

  • ELGO


    Established in 1906, Elgo is the original inventor of the sprinkler used by generations to water their lawns. Fast forward to today and Elgo is still innovating new designs to help gardeners water their plants. We offer these to help our greenhouse and garden bed customers run watering lines to their plants. Free Fast Shipping on All Orders!

  • EZ-Fit


    EZ-Fit wood shed kits are made in the USA. They offer panelized wall sections with 24 inch on center spacing between studs. All EZ-Fit sheds come with 60 inch wide double doors for easy access and lockable door handle for security. Customize your shed with flooring, windows, flower boxes, ramp and other options. EZ-Fit also offers playhouses, chicken coops and dog kennels. Free Shipping On All Orders!

  • Gama Sonic

    Gama Sonic

    Gama Sonic offers many outdoor lighting options for around the home. We especially love their solar shed lights. Our customers can easily install lighting in their shed with a Gama Sonic shed light. Free Fast Shipping On All Orders!

  • Gazebo Penguin

    Gazebo Penguin

    In 1984, Gazebo Penguin was founded in Montreal, Canada as a manufacturing company. It will then experience an evolution to become a major manufacturer, designer, and distributor of seasonal products across North American markets. Still based in Montreal, the company constantly manufactures and develops new products adapted to its customers and their needs.   

  • Globel Industries

    Globel Industries

    They are known for exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail in every product they create. Whether you're looking for a compact storage solution or something larger to accommodate your needs, Globel Industries offers a versatile range of options. Their designs effortlessly blend functionality with style, ensuring that your storage not only serves its purpose but also complements your space aesthetically. 

  • Gorilla


    Gorilla Playsets has been offering the best in wood swing sets since 1992. They've become a top end manufacturer by consistently offering new designs, great quality and most importantly value. A traditional swing set is just boring compared with a Gorilla swing set! The features and play stations added on each Gorilla playset will keep your kids busy in your backyard for hours every day. Free Shipping On All Orders!

  • Green Country Decor

    Green Country Decor

    Recycling is very important in today's world because this can minimize the pollution that, we, humans are causing. It can start by segregating garbages, making compost pits, or even making these junks into something usable again. A smart and eco-friendly company by the name of Green Country Decor Outdoor Furniture focuses on making outdoor furniture from poly lumber (recycled plastic materials) which not only gives Mother Nature a breath of fresh air but also manufactures products that are more durable, sustainable, and maintenance-free! We all ships our product with FREE Fast Shipping!

  • Handy Home Products

    Handy Home Products

    Established in 1978, Handy Home Products is the leading manufacturer of pre-cut, ready-to-assemble DIY wood sheds and building kits. Handy Home sheds are engineered and tested to meet demanding wind and snow loads. Handy Home Products uses carefully selected lumber and high quality hardware to manufacture each storage shed. LP engineered wood siding with a 50 year warranty is used to resist termites, rot and decay. Free Shipping On All Orders!

  • Herstera


    Herstera is dedicated to enhancing the beauty and functionality of every home and outdoor space. With a commitment to exceptional craftsmanship, eco-friendly practices, and excellent customer service, Herstera offers a wide range of products that cater to the needs and preferences of homeowners and gardening enthusiasts alike.

  • Keter Shed

    Keter Shed

    Keter has established itself as a trusted and innovative brand in the consumer products industry, with a focus on providing practical and stylish solutions for both indoor and outdoor storage and organization. Innovation has been at the heart of our success – designing lifestyle solutions for in and around the home in ways only we can. 

  • KidWise


    Our KidWise playsets will make sure that your kids enjoy their backyard experience more fun and exciting.
    FREE Shipping!

  • Leisure Season

    Leisure Season

    Leisure Season has been transforming outdoor spaces for backyard enthusiasts since 2010. Shop a huge selection of wood sheds, gardening plant stands, outdoor furniture and hammocks, backyard kitchen sets, outdoor bars, picnic tables and much more! Plus, at ShedsDirect.com you'll also enjoy Free Shipping On All Orders!

  • Lifetime


    Lifetime Manufacturer has been constructing a durable lasting products with expertise for our customers since 1986. It quickly broadened from basketball hoops to picnic tables, then folding tables and chairs. and now storage sheds, kayak and more. Lifetime goal  has always been, to create affordable products with quality, strength, and durability. Lifetime Products has became the world-wide trusted brand with their objectives to provide a quality yet affordable product. Our Lifetime sheds ship factory direct with FREE Fast Shipping!

  • Little Cottage Company

    Little Cottage Company

    The Little Cottage Company has been building quality products in the USA since 1999. Their company is based in Millersburg Ohio and every product they make is built with the highest level of Amish Craftsmanship and detail! Our Little cottage products ships factory direct with FREE Shipping!

  • Mr. Heater

    Mr. Heater

    Back in 1957 in Cleveland Ohio, with their expertise in infrared combustion technology that allowed them to build a name in consumer heating products as well as heavy-duty commercial and construction heating products, Enerco branched out and birthed Mr. Heater, which is now known to be America’s most popular brand of heaters because of their innovative technology and unmatched quality and service! Now partnered with ShedsDirect, you can now avail your Mr. Heater product with FREE Shipping plus the Lowest Price!

  • Palmako


    Since 1997, Palmako had been one of the prominent manufacturers and exporters of square log cabins, glulam, and machine-rounded timber products in Europe. They have grown and expanded its product line in different countries worldwide including the US. Palmako products are made using only the best quality raw materials that are partnered with advanced technologies and skilled workers. This brand is FSC certified and all their playgrounds and playhouses are  CE and TUV certified. Palmako has now landed here at ShedsDirect.com and you can avail of their amazing pieces with the Lowest Prices online + FREE Shipping!

  • Palram


    Since 1963 Palram has been manufacturing high quality home and outdoor structures. ShedsDirect.com has partnered with Palram through their Poly-Tex distribution to offer you a low costing factory direct option to buy their products and maximize your savings. We offer a full line of their sheds, carports, patio covers, awnings and gazebos. Palram makes some of the industry leading structures you'll find and give you a low maintenance, low costing product that will last many years! Free Shipping On All Orders!

  • Poly-Tex Inc

    Poly-Tex Inc

    For over 30 years now, Poly-Tex has been manufacturing commercial greenhouses, retail greenhouses, patio covers, carport and greenhouse accessories. Poly-Tex is a family owned business that continue to grow and changed along with the green industry while still holding true to their root. Their products are manufactured using American made Allied Gatorshield® steel tubing. They build a product to last because they believe that the real quality is giving customer a product that's a fair exchange for their hard earned money. Poly-Tex value the opinion of our customers to get ideas and create a long lasting products that meet their needs. We ships all our Poly-Tex product factory direct with FREE Fast Shipping!

  • Quik Shade

    Quik Shade

    Founded back in 1997, Quick Shade became one of the category leaders for providing quality and affordable portable shades and outdoor folding chairs. They offer a wide range of these products that can definitely meet your varied needs. ShedsDirect offers FREE Shipping on all orders with the Lowest Price Online! Shop your newest Quick Shade products now! FREE Fast Shipping!

  • Rhino Shelter

    Rhino Shelter

    Rhino Shelter is family owned business established in 2001, they're committed to delivering the best portable garages and shelters to our customer. They are manufacturing a portable garages and shelters made of  a heavy-duty, rip-stop fabric cover with UV protection and inner black scrim, high-strength steel cable anchors and over 32 types, styles, and colors of affordable portable garages and shelters. A product that is easy to install with friendly packaging that helps customer saves time and money. With ShedsDirect, you can purchase your Rhino Products at a Lowest Prices with FREE Fast Shipping!

  • Rio Brands

    Rio Brands

    If you are looking for the perfect furniture for your outdoor living space, look no further and have RIO take over! Since 1947, they have been focusing on translating high-end designer looks in ready-to-wear and sportswear into trend-right fashions to outdoor and beach furniture. They do intensive research on the trends that suit each generation which enables them to bring out the highest quality standard products to the market. With ShedsDirect, you can purchase your RIO Products with the Lowest Prices + FREE Fast Shipping!

  • Rubbermaid


    Rubbermaid Commercial is known for its dedication to quality. Each product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets the highest standards of performance, durability, and safety. This commitment to quality has earned Rubbermaid Commercial numerous awards and accolades, solidifying its position as a leader in the commercial products industry.

  • ShelterLogic


    ShelterLogic brand launched in 1991 with the objective of creating affordable and durable shelter solutions for the every customer. They have been the leading manufacturer of outdoor Shade, Shelter and Storage. A product manufactured in the USA and made using top of the line material. It's innovative and revolutionary design of strong and durable frame allows quick assembly. The advanced engineered fabric is tear resistant and UV treated inside and out. The ShelterLogic product deliver strength, durability, reliability and functionality to the customer. You can purchase your ShelterLogic Products in affordable price with ShedsDirect. FREE Fast Shipping included!



    Sojag is an industry leading manufacturer of gazebos, sunrooms and outdoor furniture. In business since 1993, Sojag has been creating superior products to transform your outdoor living spaces. FREE Fast Shipping included!

  • Suncast


    Suncast is the leading US-based designer, manufacturer, and distributor of high-quality resin products for home and business establishment. A private company with a prideful 35 years of existence that utilize state-of-the-art machinery and innovative manufacturing techniques to consistently engineer products of the highest possible quality. Its product materials are proudly sourced and made in the USA. Suncast helps bring your imagination to life with sturdy, stylish, and convenient storage solutions designed for all types of spaces at home. Free Fast Shipping included!

  • Swisher


    From the very beginning, Swisher emphasized quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. Through hard work and dedication, the company quickly gained a reputation for producing durable, reliable sheds that met the needs of homeowners and businesses alike.

  • Versatube


    Versatube Building Systems has been manufacturing quality products since 1999 right here in the USA! The Versatube system uses slip fit steel tubing to help do-it-yourself builders assemble their new storage building or carport fast. Versatube carports and buildings are made with heavy duty galvanized American steel tubing that beats the non-galvanized imported steel from other brands. The roof and sides are finished with 29 gauge sheet metal panels made in America with a standard 5-rib profile. Free Fast Shipping included!

  • Yardistry


    Yardistry is dedicated to make sure you get the very best experience possible from their outdoor living products. They got the best gazebos and pergolas. FREE Fast Shipping included!