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Best Barns 14x20 Pinewood Wood Storage Shed Kit (pinewood_1420)

Best Barns 14x20 Pinewood Wood Storage Shed Kit (pinewood_1420)

No need to travel far and wide looking for a long-lasting shed because the Best Barns 14x20 Pinewood will give you plenty of space for all of your storage needs! Everything is pre-cut and ready to assemble. For more details, please see below or contact us at 888-757-4337!
One Bonus Window with Shutters Included For A Limited Time!
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Best Barns 14x20 Pinewood Wood Storage Shed Kit (pinewood_1420)

Dealing with a lot of equipment and tools can be very hard to handle especially when you do not have the proper place to store them. It will create disorder and mess inside your home that will greatly affect your family's well-being especially the young ones. If you are looking forward to adding a shed to your home, the Best Barns Pinewood Wood Storage Shed Kit will be a wonderful choice! This features an 8.1 ft. high wall height with a 7.6 ft. interior first-floor headroom that will provide you enough space to store any equipment or tools and you can even add shelvings for additional storage. Its two separate loft areas offer additional storage or work areas as well. Its's rustic and classic look enhances any backyard and adds value to any home while catering to your storage needs. This can also be modified to be your personal office, garage, workshop, or a multi-purpose storage unit. For over 30 years, Best Barns had been producing and providing the highest quality building kits sold in the USA and Japan and they even pass on additional savings to you because they work with a local home center nearest you, providing materials to finish your new storage shed for professional results.

Paint, shingles, drip edge, ridge vent, and felt paper purchased separately.


Sturdy-Built Truss System:

  • 60 lbs snow load / 160 mph wind load

Loft Storage:

  • 6'-2" Headroom at center
  • Up to 336 sq. ft. of loft storage
  • Open access at the center of the building

Pre-primed Siding:

  • Siding - 3/8" L. P. (Louisiana Pacific) Smartside Ext. Paneling w/50 year limited warranty

Once you receive your new building begin by unpacking all material and hardware. Inspect all items and organize for easy identification during construction. The detailed manual includes step by step instructions where each step is explained with clear instructions and detailed line art.

  • Pre-cut roof trusses for fast and accurate assembly
  • Pre-cut Wood Gussets
  • Pre-cut wall framing
  • Pre-cut trim for a perfect fit
  • Pre-built carriage style doors with transom windows
  • Two 24"x36" windows included
  • One 9-Lite 32"x80" included
  • Technical Support - 7 days
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

All required hardware including door hinges, latch, nails, hurricane hangers, and detailed instruction manual. Shingles and roof edge purchased separately.


Best Barns 14x20 Pinewood Wood Storage Shed Kit (pinewood_1420) Siding Material


Our Pinewood model features two separate loft areas providing up to 336 sq. ft. of additional storage or workspace.

Best Barns 14x20 Pinewood Wood Storage Shed Kit (pinewood_1420) Second Floor Loft

With 6'-2" of headroom the loft can store both tall and smaller stackable items. The 5/8" OSB flooring is supported with 2x8 floor joists spaced 16" o.c.

Access to both lofts is provided by a 32"-48" x 14' wide opening at the center of the building. The homeowner will need to provide a ladder to reach the loft floor.


Best Barns 14x20 Pinewood Wood Storage Shed Kit (pinewood_1420) Elevation, Cross-Section


Best Barns 14x20 Pinewood Wood Storage Shed Kit (pinewood_1420) Trusses


Best Barns 14x20 Pinewood Wood Storage Shed Kit (pinewood_1420) Windows are included


Best Barns 14x20 Pinewood Wood Storage Shed Kit (pinewood_1420) Doors


Not Included

The type of foundation and floor system is determined by the homeowner. This can be a post and beam wood floor, or a floating wood floor or a cement slab. Homeowner purchases appropriate material separately.

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