Lifetime Shed Tool Corral Kit (60013)

Lifetime Shed Tool Corral Kit (60013)

Round up your garden tools and keep them in a Lifetime Tool Corral that easily mounts in the corner of the shed. Not compatible with a Lifetime 7ft or 11ft sheds.

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When it comes to utilizing shed space, don’t overlook the corners. Round up those rakes and shovels in your shed and keep them in the handy Lifetime Tool Corral. The Lifetime Tool Corral mounts right in the corner of your shed. The tool corral keeps your long-handled equipment upright, organized, and safely out of the way. Get the most out of your Lifetime shed by maximizing every inch of your storage space!

NOTE: this item is not compatible with 7ft and 11ft wide Lifetime sheds or vertical siding sheds or models 60077, 60091, 60091U, 60090, 60151, 60179, 60138, 60127 and 60085. Not compatible with any other shed brands.

Model Number: 60013
Quantity 1
Powder-coated steel
7.6" Radius


California Residents: Click Here for Proposition 65 Warning

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Lifetime Shed Tool Corral Kit (60013)
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