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Polytex Green 10x10 Shade Cloth (HG1014)
Polytex Green 10x10 Shade Cloth (HG1014)
Polytex Green 10x10 Shade Cloth (HG1014)
Polytex Green 10x10 Shade Cloth (HG1014)

Polytex Green 10x10 Shade Cloth (HG1014)


Keep your plants protected with this Polytex Green 10x10 Shade Cloth (HG1014). This shade cloth can serve as your windscreen, regulates sun exposure, and prevents overheating. It comes hemmed with grommets at the corners. For more details, please see details below or contact us at 888-757-4337!
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Polytex Green 10x10 Shade Cloth (HG1014) 

The inconsistency of today's climate and weather not only affects human beings and animals but also plants or floras. The sudden rise and surge of the light and heat index can create major stress to them resulting in ruins especially for those who enjoy gardening. To create the perfect greenhouse for your beloved plants, you can add the Palram 10x10 Green Shade Cloth to provide them the much-needed shade during the hot summer days. Having this commercial-grade, 60% green, knitted shade cloth with a 40% light transmission is perfect if you have delicate plants that don’t require full sunlight. The installation will be a breeze too due to its taped edges with corner brass grommets that can just be snapped over your greenhouse roof. It can be used as a windscreen or in any area that requires shade and it also comes with a  1 Year Limited Warranty. Note: Hold-down not included.


  • Commercial grade, knitted green shade cloth
  • Sewn, taped edges with brass corner grommets for installation
  • Allows 40% light transmission to reduce heat buildup in greenhouse
  • Can be used on the outside of greenhouses
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Size: 10 x 10
Dimensions: 120 x 120
Square Feet: 100
Product Weight: 5 lbs.
Product Material: Cloth
Frame Color: Green
Ship Method: Small Parcel
Number of Boxes: 1
Box Dimensions: 8"L x 8"W x 25"H weighs 5 lbs

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