Absco Gard Bed 6x3  WG - (AB1301)
Absco Gard Bed 6x3  WG - (AB1301)

Absco Garden Bed 6x3 WG - (AB1301)


Want to secure your plant in rainwater? Absco Garden Bed is the thing you need. Its a raised garden beds are the perfect addition to any backyard property. It’s easy to access on two sides and the high sidewalls allow for deeper root growth. This is made of galvanized steel panels and ABS connectors. Garden Bed is weather tested and will not rust, rot, or mildew resistant. 
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Absco Garden Bed 6x3  WG - (AB1301)

For any backyard, this is the right product that will fit your garden. This Garden Bed has less soil erosion with better drainage in areas. It can accommodate sufficient soil for your plant roots. You can also plant flowers and vegetables on this.  It can be a transfer from one location to another. They can be used in an area that has poor soil. It's also useful and helps keep the kids and pets from stepping onto the plants.


  • The innovative SNAPTiTE Assembly system dramatically reduces the time and effort required to assemble your product.
  • Galvanized panels and ABS connectors are rust, rot, and mildew resistant, ensuring long-term usability
  • All raised garden beds have rolled safety edges for extra safety when gardening, making all products child-friendly once assembled  
  • Beds are easy to disassemble for winter storage or when moving to a new location 
  • 16” deep sides allow for deeper root growth promoting healthier and stronger plants
  • The modern woodland gray color will complement any backyard or patio setting
  • Bed holds 28.3 cu. Ft. of soil
  • 10 Year Warranty


  • Length:  78
  • Width: 40
  • Height:  16
  • Product Weight: 35



- (Absco Gard Bed 6x3 WG (AB1301))

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