Newest Little Cottage Company Sheds Are Yours For the Taking!

Newest Little Cottage Company Sheds Are Yours For the Taking!

In this business, competitors popping up side by side is as normal as breathing, which is why it is very important to keep up with the demands of the public by diversifying the options that are offered on a specific product line. When it comes to choosing a shed kit to fit the various needs of different individuals, a seller that can provide more choices is often picked by customers. Here at ShedsDirect.com, we offer the Lowest Prices online with FREE Fast Shipping on all orders! This month, we are happy to introduce our newest shed additions from Little Cottage Company!

Even though most sheds are DIY (Do-It-Yourself), there are a lot of shed kits that are easy to assemble even if they will be built by a novice constructor and this is what Little Cottage Company excels at. The quality of the shed kits produced is incomparable and the dedication to each product reflects the objective that Little Cottage have when Mr. Dan Schlabach started the business. According to the statement from the Little Cottage Company website, "Each piece is built with both stylish functionality and supreme comfort in mind and is the perfect place to relax in the space that God created for us all to enjoy. The way I see it, our playhouses, structures, and outdoor furniture provide people just like you with the opportunity to enjoy wholesome activities with family and friends." With this in mind, Little Cottage Company in partnership with ShedsDirect aims to provide superior quality sheds that are within the budget of every American family.

ShedsDirect offers three different sheds from Little Cottage Company. Those will be the Little Cottage Co. Value Gambrel Barn Shed Kit with 4 or 6 ft. Sidewalls, Little Cottage Co. Value Workshop Wood Shed Kit, and Little Cottage Co. Value Gable Wood Shed Kit. All three sheds are handcrafted by Amish builders with the highest quality materials and all are precut, labeled, primed, and ready to be assembled. All the hardware is already included, however, the paint, shingles, and roof edge (gutter) are not included and are to be provided by the customer. These sheds are also multi-purpose and multi-functional and will work best for any use that is required for them. It can be a home office, a backyard shed, a garage workshop, and even a mini cabin where the entire family can spend time together doing handicrafts or games during the holidays. These sheds can also serve as a personal room to spend time with one's thoughts or an outdoor study room.

Once a Little Cottage Company shed is ordered, it will be shipped within the 48 contiguous United States using a common carrier. With this kind of delivery, 2 people are needed to help unload the product from the back of the carrier company's truck. These sheds are palletized so the truck driver will assist in removing the bands and wrapping on the pallet but the responsibility of unloading each piece of the panel will fall under the customer's discretion. For more details, contact us at 888-757-4337!


Little Cottage Co. Value Workshop 8x16 Wood Shed Kit (8x16 VWS-WPC)



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