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DuraMax 10x29 Vinyl Storage Garage w/ Foundation Kit (15526)
DuraMax 10x29 Vinyl Storage Garage w/ Foundation Kit (15526)

DuraMax 10x29 Vinyl Storage Garage w/ Foundation Kit (15526)

This garage kit from DuraMax will not just give you the parking space for your car but it can also store items that create clutter in your home. Either way around, it will help you store items as well as organize them. For more details, contact us now at 1-888-757-4337. 
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DuraMax 10x29 Vinyl Storage Garage w/ Foundation Kit (15526)

In choosing a garage, whether to park a tractor, or for storage the most important things to look for are strength, durability and low maintenance. DuraMax Vinyl Garages offer-by-far the best combination of these features. They will not rust, dent, rot, mildew, or fade and they never need painting. They are reinforce with metal inserted columns for even greater rigidity and strength. This garage can handle at least 20 lbs per square foot of snow and comes with 88" double doors that are wide enough to drive a common tractors. Their attractive design and neutral ivory color go well anywhere. All garages come with a free foundation kit.

Note: The item ships as a 10.5' x 15' base unit with 5 extension boxes making it a 10x29.


  • Will Not Rust, Corrode, or Dent
  • Will Not Fade, Rot, or Mildew Like Typical Painted Wood Structures
  • Reinforced with Metal Inserted Columns for Even Greater Rigidity and Strength
  • Extra Wide Double Doors 88” Fits All Common Lawn mower Tractors
  • Metal Reinforced Roof Support Truss System Holds Up Over 20 lbs/sqft of Snow
  • One Side Door 30" x 71"
  • Two Shatter proof windows integrated into panel (Can be installed anywhere except front)
  • Shelves can be Attached to Columns (Optional)
  • Strong Lasting Vinyl is Fire Retardant
  • Foundation Kit Included
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty

Exterior Dimensions: 343.19"L x 125.47"W x 85.43"H
Interior Dimensions: 341.06"L x 123.35"W x 73.03"H
Storage Volume: 17.779.84 cu. ft.
Door Dimensions: 88.31"W x 71.46"H
Shed Color: Neutral Ivory

1. Check your local building codes regarding footings, location, etc.
2. Select a site that allows enough working space around the shed.
3. Determine building foundation and anchor system.
4. Read and understand the Owner’s manual enclosed in the package.
5. Follow all directions and dimensions thoroughly.
6. Follow the steps given in the manual carefully for correct assembly.
7. Make sure all parts are present before you start assembling.
8. BE SAFE : Follow safety instructions and avoid injury.
(See inside page).
9. GROUND MUST BE EVEN : Make sure the foundation frame lies flat on the ground. If the earth bed is uneven, remove
sod and other debris and level it with a flat shovel.
10. Separate contents of the carton by the part number and review the list. Be sure you have all the necessary parts for your shed.
Refer Owner’s manual for part list.

The shed is packaged in cardboard boxes. The packaging includes all components, hardware and an illustrated step-by-step instruction booklet.

The assembly is simple, clean, safe and can be completed in four to five hours with two people. All parts are pre-cut, drilled and numbered for ease of assembly. All you need to provide is a level surface of either wood, or concrete, the size of the desired building. In addition you will need a power drill, hammer, measuring tape, pliers and a ladder.

Very Sturdy Garage
rating 5

I've been using the garage to store my car and some of my other equipment, and it's been a game changer. The extra space has helped get my garage and house organized. The foundation kit included in the package made it easy to set up which is why I chose this. The vinyl material is a little thinner than I would like but still high quality and definitely resistant to scratches and dents.

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