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Duramax 8x6 TOP Pent Roof Skylight Metal Storage Shed - Light Gray (20552)
Duramax 8x6 TOP Pent Roof Skylight Metal Storage Shed - Light Gray (20552)

Duramax 8x6 TOP Pent Roof Skylight Metal Storage Shed - Light Gray (20552)

New from DuraMax, introducing our 8x6 Pent Room metal shed kit! The 8 foot wide format is great for most small and large outdoor uses. This shed is stronger than most metal sheds with dent resistant walls. *Optional floor framing kit shown not included.
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Duramax 8x6 TOP Pent Roof Skylight Metal Storage Shed - Light Gray (20552)

The New and upgraded Duramax TOP Pent Roof Skylight 8 x 6 Metal Garden Shed features a built-in skylight to allow the inside of the shed to be illuminated directly by the sunlight for energy efficiency. This shed features 4.51 cubic meters of storage space which is spacious enough to store most garden tools and has a pleasing design that looks good in any yard. This metal garden shed includes 6 Degree pent-designed roof and thanks to its strong metal roof truss and structure it can handle up to 12 lbs. per square foot of snow. The shed has 0.33 mm thick reinforced groove steel walls that provide durability, rust-free, and dent resistance.


  • Made from hot-dipped galvanized steel for durable corrosion protection
  • Pent roof style
  • Built-in skylight for sunlight
  • Ventilation system as slotted grill on the gable
  • Tall & Wide Double sliding doors
  • Easy sliding doors system
  • Strong lockable door handle
  • Entry / Exit ramp for easy access of garden equipment
  • Center band for greater stability and strength
  • Impervious to Wood Eating Insects
  • Never needs painting
  • Ready to assemble with pre-cut holes & material
  • Reinforced with a strong metal roof structure that will carry up to 12 lbs / sq. ft. snow load
  • Maintenance-free & weatherproof


  • Model: 20552
  • Color: Light Gray
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 68.31 x 99.21 x 79.45 Inches

1. Check your local building codes regarding footings, location, etc.
2. Select a site that allows enough working space around the shed.
3. Determine building foundation and anchor system.
4. Read and understand the Owner’s manual enclosed in the package.
5. Follow all directions and dimensions thoroughly.
6. Follow the steps given in the manual carefully for correct assembly.
7. Make sure all parts are present before you start assembling.
8. BE SAFE : Follow safety instructions and avoid injury.
(See inside page).
9. GROUND MUST BE EVEN : Make sure the foundation frame lies flat on the ground. If the earth bed is uneven, remove
sod and other debris and level it with a flat shovel.
10. Separate contents of the carton by the part number and review the list. Be sure you have all the necessary parts for your shed.
Refer Owner’s manual for part list.

The shed is packaged in cardboard boxes. The packaging includes all components, hardware and an illustrated step-by-step instruction booklet.

The assembly is simple, clean, safe and can be completed in four to five hours with two people. All parts are pre-cut, drilled and numbered for ease of assembly. All you need to provide is a level surface of either wood, or concrete, the size of the desired building. In addition you will need a power drill, hammer, measuring tape, pliers and a ladder.

Not a bad kit!
rating 5
J. Grounds
Kit went together surprisingly well...Not a lot of surprises...Only complaint I have is that it is a little flimsy...But what do you expect for a $500 building...All in all a satisfied customer...
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